Record Label

wow effect Bangladesh , vengeance music pk , saroun production and
four horseman production will work together for future projects around

Vengeance Music Records is one window operation providing online release to physical release our Pr and media coverage covers the area:

3.Email Marketing
4.Direct Marketing
6.Local and International gigs
7.Band Management
8.Artist Booking
9.Merchandise design and Handling
10.Myspace site design
11.Facebook blogs
12.Website designing and managing
13.Album art and design

Every moment, to make you WOW!!!

WOW! Effect is an uprising event management firm, founded by four ambitious organizers from different backgrounds with a rich organizing experience. The firm aims, to make you WOW!!! every moment through their energetic, savvy and out of the box concepts. The firm manifests to upgrade the art of managing events to a dimension that will serve you from your birth till death through their thematic event management approach.

WOW! Effect manages International and domestic concerts, Event production, Creative integration of sponsor branding, Production of television specials, Co-ordinate advertising, Publicity and public relation activity for events, Design, Development and manufacture of quality merchandising, Celebrity management, Stage shows, Fashion shows, Wedding management,Funeral management, Conferences, brand promotion, Product launches etc.

Offcial Body

A. S. M. Sayeem
Head of Communications and Marketing
Cell no. +8801717099396

Niaz MD. Mohiuddin
Head of Creatives
Cell no. +8801717877658
Pritum Kumar Saha
Head of Accounts
Cell no. +8801611070407
E-mail: firewall

Rocky Ghosh
Head of IT
Cell no. +8801722529044

Or email us at:

Music/art label and event organizer. What? Indie? Never, we don’t don wool mufflers under hot, blistering, mid-day sun. We specialize in nurturing music/art that we like. We would like to repeat that phrase. Music/art that WE like.

Saron Production

No 23 Jalan Kebangsaan 24
Taman Universiti
81300 Skudai
Johor Bahru

Tel: Harris +6 016 718 2684, Zaihas +6 017 780 7895

– Event Management
– Merchandise handling
– Design (website,myspace/t-shirt & other)
– Artist booking agent (Local & International)
– Label & production house

3 Responses “Record Label” →
  1. Hi

    We’re looking for a label currently to take on our last release I, Human, and its follow up for late next year / 2012.
    Possible to start a discussion on how we may be able to collaborate?


  2. kindly send us ur demos on

    thanks mate

  3. Hi,
    we’re Green Army an underground Thrash\ Groove Metal Band from Bangladesh and we’re looking for such record label currently for releasing our First Bangla EP called “DRIO”


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