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Cranial Schism

Cranial Schism is the Death Metal band from Pamulang, Tangerang, Indonesia. You can called us CS. We was born on may 2009 to slam and blast with this brutality project. This brutality project formed by Hendri Septriadi (Guttural / Growl), Putro Tangkilisan (Guitarist), Adrian Devara (Guitarist), Yudha Leonardi (Bassist), and Abraham Simatupang (Blast Beat / Battery). We influenced by Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Pathology, and Nile. We mixed our influence’s music character with guttural vocal, shred, and blast from us. We mixed all of that with themes about God and religion. You can hear our songs at

Recorded at SS Music Studio, 2010 @ Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia
All Music & Lyrics By Cranial Schism
Line up : Hendri Septriadi (Guttural / Growl), Putro Tangkilisan (Guitarist), Adrian Devara (Guitarist), Yudha Leonardi (Bassist), and Abraham Simatupang (Blast Beat / Battery)
E-mail :
Website :
Label signed with : Vengeance Music Records
Tracks :
1. Konspirasi Monotheisme
2. Tentara Salib
3. Shitting on a Crucifix

Revolution Error ( REVER )

was formed in jakarta, Indonesia on January 1st 2003,with the first formation : Andy (vocal), Okky(bass), Dicky(guitars), and additionals drums players with Bryan. At that time we played Black Metal like, Dimmu Borgir,Hell Gods,etc. In the middle of 2004 we changed our concept music, we began playing Death Sickness Metal and since we changed our concept music. With the release of their first Demo Tape ” Experimental Gore “, recorded at Doors Studio Jakarta vomiting 4 songs is : Death After Bleeding, Experimental Gore, Korban Mutilasi, Pedih dan Tersicksa,( demo live shits ). The band began to play shows in our Local Underground events. With this formation, we feel solid and sickning each ( Fuck Off ) other in playing music. Our music influenced by Dying Fetus, Devourment, Napalm Death, Disgorge (usa), Disavowed, Suffocation, Cenotaph, Neuraxis, Severe Torture, Pyaemia, Phalogore, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, NOFX and our local underground by Trauma, Death Vomit, Siksa Kubur, Tengkorak, Funeral Inception, Sadistis, Bloody Gore, Jasad, Ababil, Grausig, Cemetery, Asphyxiate, Dajjal, Superman Is Death, Disinfected, Abhorred Despiser, Total Rusak. contact : +62856 9859 371 ( Dicky ).

REVER Lineup 2006 :
Andy Permana Growl Vockill
Dicky Permana Tecgore Guitars and Bass
Phuput Beastiality Drums Player

REVER New Lineup 2008 :
Andy Permana Growl Vockill and Drum Programing
Dicky Permana Tecgore Guitars and Bass

REVER New Lineup 2010 :
Indra        : Vocal
Dicky        : Guitar
Aldo        : Drums
CTD ZINE ISSUE .. 20 Interviews : Granulocytic Blastoma (Thai) – Biopsycunt (Thai) – Tubkraden (Thai) – Rever (Indon) – Mantak (Malaysia) – Vrykolakas(Singpore) – Impiety (Singpore) – Disgorge (USA) – Gorgasm (USA) – Strangulation (Sweden) – Adversary (USA) – Litham (Algeria) – Metal Madness One 2004 – Godbeheading 2004 – Ingrowing Live In Bangkok 2005.

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