Grey And Saurian Record Label India

We at Grey And Saurian, are proud to be associated with this compilation. Metal from this side of the world is very underrated and soon we believe it will change, as we hear quality metal bands every other day.

Demonstealer Records – India

The world now has to sit up and take notice of Metal from Asia, let this compilation be the beginning of more things to come.

The best thing that can happen to a music scene is when everyone who works hard and puts out good music comes together and the metal Asia compilation is just the beginning of something great. Its time we put together our resources and give the fans of metal worldwide some good music from this side of the world’

Demonic Resurrection – India


‘It feels great to be part of a movement and this compilation is just the tip of the iceberg, the Asian metal scene is about to get some global recognition and its great to be a part of that movement’

Rudra Singapore


An idea such as this to present Asian Metal is indeed long outstanding. We are pleased with this initiative. The Asian metal scene is not as well exposed when compared to the scenes of other continents. We are truly honored to be featured alongside these great bands.

Undying Inc – India


We think that such compilations are a valiant effort for the cause of underground and should be fully supported. It feels great to be on this line-up of ass-kicking Asian metal bands. The timing is great, as metal-heads across the world are waking up to the metal potential in South East Asia and the Middle-East. Thanks and respect to you guys for this initiative.”

Revolt – Pakistan


This Asia compilation is a very big step for promoting the highly talented metal bands in all of Asia. We highly support this unique and brave effort and hope that such compilations  released more often! We would also like to tell all of our supporters that we r releasing our 2nd Album titled “Seasons of Oblivion” This September! This compilation contains the song “Birth” from our upcoming album.

Third sovereign – India


“Metal Asia compilation is an unique concept to get Asian metal bands together at one platform and provide them much needed exposure in international scene.Respect for the effort of the creators of this compilation who are giving unconditional support to the metal bands of Asia”

Depth – Kuwait


Its an excellent concept to gather all the bands on a compilation, it’s great for everyone who’s involved because they receive publicity and recognition from everyone who visits Metal Asia, and its really a win win situation for everyone.  I’d like to thank the Metal Asia crew for making all of this possible.”

Voice of the Soul -Kuwait


Metal Asia’s compilation is definitely a good idea. It’s the best way to keep all the metal scenes in the region in touch with each other.  Seeing all those bands working hard gives me hope and strength to continue, in order to achieve the dream of playing music professionally.  These compilations should come out every year, or every 6 months.

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