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Posted on October 27, 2010


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Many songs flying through our airwaves today are about love, despair and… more love. Not this one.

The song “Pukaar” by the band Qayaas is a song dedicated to those hit by the devastating floods that took the majority of Pakistan in July 2010. The floods affected around 20 million people, mostly by the destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure. This song was to lift spirits and empower those in need.

Qayaas are one of the most profound acts that have emerged from the depths of Pakistan, with releases such as “Umeed”, “Tanha” and “Mera Wana”. Their main highlights include creating a hearth-throbbing video for “Tanha”, being included in the Metal Asia Compilation and making various radio and TV appearances.

The band consists of Umair Jaswal on vocals, Khurram Waqar & Sarmad Ghafoor on lead guitars, Shaheryar Ghayas (Sherry) on bass and Fifu on the drums.

“Pukaar”, unlike predecessors like “Tanha” and “Mera Wana”, is a mellow one. Yet it strikes with a powerful melody and hard-hitting vocals to go alongside, even if it seems to speed up time. The level of emotions in this one song is amazing. Intensity is part of what this band is about.

Khurram WaqarQayaas are prepared to get dirty. The official video holds a mixed bag of emotions. The band play whilst covered in mud (later being bombarded with heavy rain) as emotional pictures capture our hearts. Touching. This video strongly captures the essence of struggle amongst those who were affected.

It surely is heart touching to see a song dedicated for the flood victims, for support, and for people to understand the damage that has been caused to help those in need. Qayaas do an outstanding job in creating a song for a just cause.

It’s going to take more than a bit of mud to stop Qayaas.

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