Interview KIMAERA – Doom/Death Metal Lebanon (Beirut)

Posted on September 20, 2010


KIMAERA – Doom/Death Metal Lebanon (Beirut)

Why the name KIMAERA?
KIMAERA originally was ‘CHIMERA’ which is the Grotesque product of the imagination.. and after using the name for two years then discovering it was already taken, we had to change the way it is written!

How did the band form?
I personally founded the band back in 2000 with totally different members than the ones existing now.. We covered some heavy metal classics in our beginnings, then we realized we should take things a step forward and started making music and of course everything evolved since then; the music, the style, and the line-up! ‘God’s Wrath’ the single, in 2004, was the fruit of our work back then.. and then followed by the release of our debut album ‘Ebony Veiled’ with Stygian Crypt productions in 2006, and just recently ‘Solitary Impact’!

Your new album, ‘Solitary Impact’, is out now. How is it different from your older material?

‘Solitary Impact’ is a natural progress from ‘Ebony Veiled’, though it is a personal effort of mine, at a certain state. IT was composed mainly in a short period of time in my room, few years back. Musically, I think in a way it has more stable grounds, it is more melancholic and less symphonic, so it is a bit more straight forward.. with the use of oriental elements in some tracks. But of course, the fusion of different music genres is still there, to keep the originality of the band!

Any upcoming gigs or tours?
We recently played MASTERS OF ROCK in Czech, with bands like ‘Manowar’, ‘Behemoth’, ‘Epica’, ‘Tarja’, ‘Destruction’, ‘Doro’ and many others.
It was our first european show. As for upcoming shows, we r headlining a 3 days festival here in Lebanon at the end of August,
There are also few festivals coming up abroad, mainly in Europe, but we will announce that once they r 100% confirmed!

What got you into metal in the first place and what inspired you to first start playing?
I think like most of our generation, bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Judas priest got me into Metal music.. It started when I first heard ‘The Black Album’ and Sir ‘James Hetfield’ made me want to start my own band! The first time I held an electric guitar was in 1998! And there you go…

Has your opinion of metal changed at all since you first started to play? Is it still fun?
Playing Metal music is always fun, if u lose the fun in it, then there is something wrong or you are not doing it anymore because you love it.
I still enjoy every single chord I hit now just like I did 10 years ago, except that now I do it way better! hehe!

With time, you grow as a musician and as a band of course, so the responsibility becomes bigger, coz each time you compose something, you know that it is gonna reach a lot of other people, and who knows, maybe also it will affect and influence them! Thus, you are always eager to make more music, to evolve and just make it big and going on tours. That’s what we are trying to do now, and we are on the right track.

Who writes the lyrics and what is their inspiration?
For the past couple of albums, a couple of good friends of mine did.. since I never actually tried to write, I used to only focus on music and band management. But for the third album, which is already composed and being recorded, I wrote them, since i discovered I actually can If I try!
The lyrics and themes have always been driven and influenced from our personal lives and experiences, just as we project their dark negative aspect in our music, we do it in the lyrics.

How do you write your music? Do you have an idea before you start playing or do you just get together with the other guys and jam?
IT depends. Usually I have some riffs already written, so I play them in the jam room, and we start building it up from there, each member adding his input to it and sharing ideas, until we put together enough material for a song. So I usually go back home, record it and add the final touches to it. This is the usual procedure. Solitary Impact’s composing was totally different though, I mainly composed the whole album, in my room, at a time when the band was having serious problems, with members leaving the country and not being able to get together and play music! But these days are over now, and things returned to normal!

What would be your ultimate goal as a musician?

Heh.. Spending my time making metal music without worrying about anything else probably, especially being in a country like Lebanon.
And having my music reach as much people as possible worldwide, and going on tours! Yes, just like any other devoted musician :)

How long have you been making music? Do you think you’ll ever get bored of playing?
It is been around 9 or 10 years now.. and never! IT will just keep getting better!

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?
Imagine your darkest hours, deepest reveries, your anguish and the rampant rage that follows, all put together in one song.

You’ve played with alongside many big guns of the Metal WORLD. Which are your best and worst memories?
Worst memories, cant really think about one, but  I guess not being able to meet BEHEMOTH right after their show since they had to leave right away was a disappointment… I was so eager to talk to them!

Best memories would be being on stage AND backstage with such big names and be able to communicate with them, and live the true metal experience, that at some point we never thought we can do, being a band from Lebanon and all, and see how they reacted knowing this fact, and how we managed to get this far! On the other hand, being ‘the black horse’, and ‘the pleasant surprise’ of the whole festival, among all these big names as we have been reviewed so far, and seeing / feeling the success we had among the crowd of thousands there would be the best memory!

What would be your dream line-up if you could play any gig?
Behemoth, My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia, Opeth, Moonspell… and DEATH if only Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P) was still alive!

Which is the best gig you ever went to see?
Sonisphere Festival – Turkey

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Thank you for your awesome support throughout the years as always, and for believing in us! We love you!

Final words! And Comment on how METAL ASIA COMPILATION will help promote bands throughout middle-east and Asia.

A big thank you goes out for you and for METAL ASIA Compilation staff, you guys are doing a great job! You are pioneers, keep it up! IT is definitely something new and needed in Asia! Thank you again from spreading metal music from this continent!

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